Be Responsible When It Comes To Household Hazardous Waste

Household waste product that is reactive, ignitable, toxic and corrosive is considered as HHW or Household Hazardous Waste. Examples of HHW are paints, oils, cleaners, batteries, pesticides and aerosols. These products contain hazardous chemicals and ingredients, which requires proper care when it comes to disposing them.

Disposing HHW through the drain, sewers, ground or to the trash bin pose dangers. Though these dangers are not immediately obvious, the chemicals and ingredients of such waste can cause pollution to the environment can threaten the health of individuals in the vicinity.

It is a good idea to reduce the use of products containing hazardous ingredients. You could either avoid buying such products or use alternatives for your household needs. In order to avoid the risks associated with HHW, such products should be stored properly, even if they are no longer in use.  Never remove them from their containers and their labels should never be removed. If there are any leftovers, make sure they will never mix with other HHW. Incompatible products may cause a reaction, contamination and explosion.

When it comes to proper disposal of HHW, see whether your community has a proper facility for HHW collection all year-round. Some of these facilities accept or even exchange leftover or unused paints, pesticides, cleaners, solvents, oils and other materials. With the help of these facilities, unwanted or leftover HHW can still be used by others instead of being thrown away. In some cases, these facilities may buy them from you. Thus, you not only properly dispose your hazardous waste but also get money at the same time.

If there’s no all year-round collection system in your community, see if the community has designated days for collecting hazardous waste. If there are still no collection days for such waste, you need to find establishments that accept HHW for proper disposal and recycling. For instance, garages may buy or accept used engine oil for recycling. If you have no time to dispose them properly, you can also call junk removal services. They can come to your home, haul your HHW and dispose of them properly, without you breaking any sweat.

Paints, batteries, pesticides and motor oil are common waste in most households. As mentioned before, these items are dangerous, not just to the environment but also to people as well. Thus, always remember to dispose of them properly. Never pour them down the drain. Never throw them in the garbage can. In short, don’t be irresponsible.

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