Hiring Trash Removal Companies For The First Time

There’s no residence in this world that doesn’t deal with their garbage. Usually, household owners would take it on themselves to tackle this task alone, but there also instances where the garbage they have at home is too much handle by themselves. In this event, they might end up needing professional assistance; in other words, hiring trash removal services. While some people have experienced in hiring such service, there are also those who haven’t. What should they do then?

Before hiring such experts, it is important to state your reason why you need their services.  You need to have a general idea why you are interested in hiring such service in the first place. Doing so will help in finding the right professionals for the job. Thus, you should know your reason for securing a junk removal service and then use this reason as a basis when it comes to making a decision, whether which company to choose.

Currently, there are various companies offering this service. Thus, it’s necessary to have a clear picture on what kind of company one is. You need to be assured that the company you are considering is not just the right one for the job, but also reliable, honest and clean. This is why you should avoid making and random decisions. You should spend some time in looking at these firms one by one before making a decision.

Having never secured such service before is not an issue at all. There would always be people who have hired junk removal services before, which is why you should ask for their recommendations. Ask if they know any junk removal company that they can refer to you. People you know can always provide reliable recommendations, but keep in mind that you should follow their recommendations with a research on your own just to make sure.

When considering trash removal companies, see to it that the companies you are looking at are legitimate and licensed. This is an essential thing because you would want to be assured that the strangers you are letting inside your premises to get rid of you trash problems are legit individuals. It is always easy to let in professionals and service-providers inside our homes if they are licensed folks.

If you are hiring trash removal experts for the first time, you would be surprised on the time you could save when securing their services.

Hiring Junk Removal Is Neither Irresponsible Nor A Lazy Decision

Each of us holds the responsibility of taking care of our junk, however, there are those people who would rather choose to hire other people to haul away and dispose their junk. Such action seems to be like you are throwing away your responsibility to others. But does this mean you are irresponsible already? Are you a lazy person already if you hire junk removal companies?

The fact is, you are not!

People hire junk removal services because they need to do so. They need help in order to remove their junk and make sure their premises are clean. They need help in their proper disposal as well as dropping them off on the right facilities. They needed help because they cannot handle it by themselves, either because they are too busy or the task is just too much for them.

Hiring junk removal services is a justifiable excuse, especially if you no longer know what to do with the accumulated junk you have at home. For instance, you have a garage-full or attic-full of junk, it is pretty normal for you to become troubled on what to do and where to start. On the other hand, junk removal services will take care of this problem so easily. This is because they are used to hauling and disposing piles of junk. They’ll know where to start and how they should do it to efficiently clean out your garage or attic.

Best thing about hiring junk hauling and removal companies is the fact that you can spend your time on other things that matters more to you than taking care of all that junk. For example, if there are hired men to clean out your attic or garage, you can rest and relax your body and mind. You could also spend quality time with your family and kids. You could also concentrate on your work or enjoy yourself with your hobby. It is these varied reasons why many people would opt for junk removing professionals.

Therefore, hiring junk removal services is neither an act of irresponsibility nor an act of laziness. It is a wise decision on how you can efficiently get rid of you junk, especially if you have accumulated so much already. However, given that our junk is still our responsibility, we need to make sure that we hire a company that is truly qualified when it comes to providing excellent trash removal services.

Risks Of Hiring Junk Haulers Out Of The Blue

No matter how we look at it, junk hauling is indeed a profitable service. After all, there are too many people who are either too lazy or too busy to take care of their own junk. Sadly, since junk hauling is a profitable business, there are plenty of unprofessional companies taking advantage of this. Probably, you have seen ads on the internet like “We Will Haul Your Junk At Cheap Prices” or other ads that has the same meaning. Indeed, these ads are tempting; after all, you pay someone a few dollars and they would come right away to haul your junk. But, this isn’t a good idea!


Well, this is because those guys aren’t probably licensed. Licenses ensure that the junk removal company would properly dispose all your unwanted junk. If the company or the person has no license, it is possible that the company or person would dump your trash anywhere. And unfortunately, this happens a lot. To make matters worse, you could be responsible for the company or person’s action. This happens when legal authorities found out that all those junk were yours. This leads to paying a hefty fine.

Another reason why it isn’t a good idea to hire a company offering affordable junk hauling services out of the blue is because they might have no insurance. Believe it or not, but junk removal services are not required to be insured, however, legitimate companies would make sure that the services they have as well as their employees are insured. If the company is not insured, you won’t have any legal recourse once they damage your property. Moreover, if the hauler is injured on duty and on your property, it is possible to face legal charges. Having a lawsuit filed under your name will burden you financially.

Last but not the least, is the issue regarding reliability, trust and respect. Junk removal services that you know nothing about are not truly reliable when it comes to the crew they send in removing your junk at home. Since you are allowing someone you don’t know inside your home, there might be a danger of theft or any other possible crime. On the other hand, companies with good repute make sure that their employees are free from any criminal records. They would also send someone who would surely show respect to their clients.

In the end, saving a few dollars is not worth these possible risks.

How Pricing Plays In Junk Removal

Services would always have their own pricing strategies and since junk removal service is a service oriented business, pricing is always subjective. Thus, there are several pricing models.

Cost Plus Pricing

Cost Plus Pricing is the most common way on how junk removal companies price their services. This pricing strategy is determined on how much the service will cost the company. This will allow the company to charge more so that they can profit. The junk removal company will consider both the direct and indirect cost associated with their service. The direct cost would be the supplies, staff and travel, while the indirect cost would be utilities, equipment and rent.

Price Positioning

Junk removal businesses price their services according to what their competitors would price in the same area. In other words, companies decide whether or not they would increase or decrease their services’ prices depending on how the pricing of their competition moves. However, this kind of strategy doesn’t always work well for a business. Junk removal companies would have to make sure to offer a unique kind of service in order for such pricing strategy to work well.


Like any other business, pricing is always affected by demand. How much would the people living in the area willing to fork out just to acquire the service? Companies understand that if they put too high prices, the demand for their services would reduce. On the other hand, pricing too low can be detrimental also because this will lead to huge influx of clients, which they cannot easily handle. Thus, pricing according to demand is carefully thought of by businesses.

Other Factors

Individual trash removal companies charge their services according to other important factors. Other factors would include load size, debris weight, location and mileage. The load size is the required number of loads in removing the junk. The more loads needed, the pricier it would be. For weight, the heavier the load, the pricier it gets. Location and mileage are both similar in some ways. The farther the location as well as the need to drive the more expensive would be the price.

All in all, pricing for junk removal services varies widely. You may find some junk removal companies with quite affordable jump removal quotes, while some would be quite expensive for you. Now, if you consider these particular factors, it may be possible for you to understand why one particular company has that kind of pricing.

What Happens When Junk Is Hauled Away

Most people who hire junk removal services would often ask one particular question, “What happens to our junk after you haul them away?” Indeed, people would be glad if they can finally get rid of all their unwanted junk cluttering their home. However, there are still some people who have grown attached to their things (even if they haven’t used or noticed it for a long time) that they want to know what happens to their things. So, where do junks go? What do junk removal companies do after they leave the client’s premises with all the junk they’ve hauled away?

Junk removal companies accept a lot of things for disposal, but not everything they haul away are sent for disposal.  Usually, junk removal companies would try to see whether the items they hauled away can still be fixed, recycled, reused or donated. If it doesn’t fall to any category, then they would send it directly to proper disposal facilities.

For household items like furniture, appliances and electronics, junk removal companies would donate them to certain charities or institutions if they see that the items are still usable. These charities and institutions would then give these items to certain families who really need them. If the items are broken, the items would be repaired first before sent to the recipients. However, if it is beyond repair, it would be broken apart in order to get the usable parts. The other parts that are not needed are either recycled or disposed properly.

For items like aluminum cans, cardboard, water bottles, paper, iron filings, plastics and other recyclable goods, they are sent to recycling centers. The purpose of this is to reuse these waste items into something that can still be useful. Junk removal companies understand that it is wrong to take these items directly to landfills. This is because such trash can bring negative effects to the environment and increase pollution levels. On the other hand, if they are recycled, these things are given another significant chance to be useful once more.

Junk removal companies are environment friendly companies. They decide to donate, recycle and reuse the trash of other people before they properly dispose of it. The trash that would only go to landfills and disposal facilities are those items that are of no use to any person. For such companies, there’s no reason to dispose things that can still help unfortunate families, benefit other businesses and companies as well as lower the consumer costs.


How To Get Rid Of Trash After Renovating Your Home

If your home just went under a renovation, you’d surely be glad to walk in to a more beautiful room inside your house. But, that huge pile of trash, concrete and wooden trash lying around your premises would be so easy to notice. So, what should you do to take care of it?

Well, there are some options you can take when it comes to this thing.

The first possible option is to rent a small truck or a van. You load all the trash and scrap into the truck or van and then bring them to the dumpster. But before you do this, you need to contact your local dumpsters first. Ask them whether it is possible for you to bring in the garbage you have by yourself. When it comes to renting trucks, you can call home improvement stores or truck rental companies. You just need to pay for their hourly rates and also pay for the truck’s fuel.

Another possible solution is to pack your rubbish accordingly. For instance, put all wooden scraps on one bin and metal waste on another. After that, throw them together with the regular garbage you have at home. This is ideal if you don’t have that much trash lying around or if it is okay for you to wait for a few days before you can completely clean your home. The best thing about this option is that it doesn’t cost you much money. You just need to exert some effort on your part.

If you trash lying around is many, then you would need expert service for this. You need to call a trash hauling or junk removal service. Such company specializes in removing various kinds of junks or things people no longer want to have. With such service, getting rid of those unsightly junk caused by home renovation would be easy. This is because a junk removal company has men who will do the work as well as truck that will pick up the trash from your premises. The company would then be the one that will get rid of your trash or drop them at proper disposal facilities.

Among these three options, the hiring trash removal services would be the best choice. This is because it is a fast way to properly get rid of trash. Though you may need to spend some money on this, the expenses you make would be nothing compared to the hassle you are able to avoid.

Clutter And Junk Full House Is Not Toddler Safe

Having a toddler means you have to make sure that your home is safe and secure. But how can you have a secure home for your toddler if you have plenty of clutter and junk. Too much clutter lying around at home pose risk to toddlers and it would be best to avoid them.

We all know that toddlers are never calm and would be hard for us to keep them still. Because of this, toddlers are most likely to run and climb around inside the house. If there’s a lot of clutter and junk stacked inside the house, accidents like falling and slipping would most likely happen. There are also risks of strangulation, cuts and bruises. The risk is even higher if clutter lies all over the floor.

Toddlers love to explore things, and whenever they see something new or something sparks their curiosity, they would do something that alarms parents. It is nibbling or putting things on their mouth. When kids put things in their mouth, there’s a risk of choking, poisoning and even accidental death. In a home filled with useless clutter and junk like marbles, batteries, rubber bands, pins, coins, pen caps and many other things, leaving toddlers on their own will not be a wise thing.

Having piles of objects lying all around would also pose risk of falling objects. People who tend to collect clutter would stack their things in high places; for example, a stack of newspapers or magazines on the cabinet. One newspaper or magazine doesn’t weigh that much, but if it is a stack, it would be heavy. If a stack of newspaper or magazine falls down on a toddler, the toddler would not escape without harm. It would be even worse, if you have several boxes full of junk stacked high. If you haven’t taken care of them or called junk removal services to get rid of them, then any toddler would be at danger.

Having a lot of junk at home that has been lying around for a long time would mean there’s a lot of accumulated dust on it. Dust at home can cause allergies, sneezing and runny nose to toddlers. Furthermore, junk accumulated in damp and dark places would become breeding grounds of various bugs such as cockroach, centipedes, mites and ants. Bug bites would cause an unsightly experience to toddler because it is itchy and can cause swelling; worse, bug bites may cause dangerous reactions.

Why People Have A Lot Of Clutter

Having difficulties in giving away or disposing possessions is a complicated matter. And sometimes, this difficulty is connected with our fears of letting go, worries of being wasteful or just not knowing how to organize things. Indeed, it is difficult but that doesn’t mean we cannot overcome it. If we overcome this difficulty, it would be possible to get rid of all or if not some of the extra stuff we have that is cluttering our home.

Having difficulty in throwing or giving away the stuff we no longer need isn’t always about selfishness. Sometimes, people experience this difficulty because they don’t want change. True, change is a scary thing, but change should be accepted. If having a clean, comfortable and peaceful looking home is what you get from change, then that change is surely for the better.

Another reason why some people have difficulties in decluttering is because of their procrastinating habit. A house filled with clutter would mean that the person living inside it has a tendency to procrastinate – meaning, he or she is too lazy to clean his or her home. Procrastination is not a strange thing, but too much procrastination leading to heaps of clutter at home is never a good thing. Procrastination isn’t a difficult habit to break, one should just need a proper mindset and some little help to break it.

In some situations, the reason why some people have difficulties in throwing or giving away the stuff they don’t need is because they have a particular pathological disorder. This disorder is known as hoarding.  Strangely, hoarding is a problem that affects almost 5% of the population today. Because of their disorder, they end up having limited living space. The huge amount of clutter they have already interferes with their lives.

Stashing all the things that we’ve bought, touched, obtained or even had since we were young may contribute to stress. After all, a cluttered room or home is a distracting thing. It is over-stimulating and is painful to look at. Seriously, having to look at useless stuff that needs to be thrown away can make any person feel anxious.

If one truly has difficulty in getting rid of unwanted stuff, then seek help. There are always professionals willing to help when it comes to getting rid of unwanted stuff. Of course, there are also some helpful tips over the web, which can be useful when it comes to maintaining a clean, comfortable and peaceful home.

Tips In Removing Clutter

Getting rid of accumulated junk and clutter at home means letting go of some memories and moving forward.  Sometimes, you may need to face certain emotions when you think of throwing certain things. However, getting rid of those junk can be a refreshing thing. A clean and clutter-free room will not only look spacious but also peaceful.

Clearing out clutter is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have accumulated a years’ worth of clutter and junk at home. Sometimes, people try to find an excuse just for us to avoid cleaning up. People even sometimes think that the stuff that needs to be thrown away can still be usable at some point. If you truly need to clean up, you should not dodge it. It would be better if you know what to do to make sure that your minds are set for this task.

Here are some tips how you can truly get rid of clutter and clean your home:

Schedule your cleaning every day. Set aside at least 20 minutes of your time just for cleaning.  This way, you avoid accumulating clutter at home.

Ask yourself, whether keeping a particular item will still make you happy. If you feel like you want to keep the item just for keepsake, then you might want to consider throwing it into the trash, especially if it is broken already.

When you are rummaging your unused items, try to put the things you might still need or might find useful in one place. Try to keep them for at least a month or two. If by that time you find no use for them, then that means keeping them is no longer necessary.

Don’t keep your old newspapers and magazines. If you haven’t read any of them, chances are you would never read them. If you have already read them, you won’t browse them again. If you have favourite clippings you want to keep, then cut them and arrange them inside a folder, binder or envelope. You can then sell old newspapers and magazines, drop them at recycle facilities or donate them to the library.

Don’t keep any expired item at home; for example, expired medicine, expired canned goods and others. Keeping them will not only add up the clutter you have at home but also pose risk to you and your family.

Start throwing old receipts not needed for tax day. If you want to keep tabs on receipts, bills and other financial records, try digitizing them. In other words, scan and store a copy on your computer and on the internet.

Make some money from your old and unused belongings. If you have clothes, toys, items, books or other things you don’t plan to use again, put up a garage sale. Your old yet still working juicer, toaster or blender may fetch you $30 or $40.

If clutter is serious, hire professional help. Yes, it may cost money but it will be worth it.

If you have a hard time cleaning up your accumulated junk, then you need to clean things up one step at a time.

Be Responsible When It Comes To Household Hazardous Waste

Household waste product that is reactive, ignitable, toxic and corrosive is considered as HHW or Household Hazardous Waste. Examples of HHW are paints, oils, cleaners, batteries, pesticides and aerosols. These products contain hazardous chemicals and ingredients, which requires proper care when it comes to disposing them.

Disposing HHW through the drain, sewers, ground or to the trash bin pose dangers. Though these dangers are not immediately obvious, the chemicals and ingredients of such waste can cause pollution to the environment can threaten the health of individuals in the vicinity.

It is a good idea to reduce the use of products containing hazardous ingredients. You could either avoid buying such products or use alternatives for your household needs. In order to avoid the risks associated with HHW, such products should be stored properly, even if they are no longer in use.  Never remove them from their containers and their labels should never be removed. If there are any leftovers, make sure they will never mix with other HHW. Incompatible products may cause a reaction, contamination and explosion.

When it comes to proper disposal of HHW, see whether your community has a proper facility for HHW collection all year-round. Some of these facilities accept or even exchange leftover or unused paints, pesticides, cleaners, solvents, oils and other materials. With the help of these facilities, unwanted or leftover HHW can still be used by others instead of being thrown away. In some cases, these facilities may buy them from you. Thus, you not only properly dispose your hazardous waste but also get money at the same time.

If there’s no all year-round collection system in your community, see if the community has designated days for collecting hazardous waste. If there are still no collection days for such waste, you need to find establishments that accept HHW for proper disposal and recycling. For instance, garages may buy or accept used engine oil for recycling. If you have no time to dispose them properly, you can also call junk removal services. They can come to your home, haul your HHW and dispose of them properly, without you breaking any sweat.

Paints, batteries, pesticides and motor oil are common waste in most households. As mentioned before, these items are dangerous, not just to the environment but also to people as well. Thus, always remember to dispose of them properly. Never pour them down the drain. Never throw them in the garbage can. In short, don’t be irresponsible.