Clutter And Junk Full House Is Not Toddler Safe

Having a toddler means you have to make sure that your home is safe and secure. But how can you have a secure home for your toddler if you have plenty of clutter and junk. Too much clutter lying around at home pose risk to toddlers and it would be best to avoid them.

We all know that toddlers are never calm and would be hard for us to keep them still. Because of this, toddlers are most likely to run and climb around inside the house. If there’s a lot of clutter and junk stacked inside the house, accidents like falling and slipping would most likely happen. There are also risks of strangulation, cuts and bruises. The risk is even higher if clutter lies all over the floor.

Toddlers love to explore things, and whenever they see something new or something sparks their curiosity, they would do something that alarms parents. It is nibbling or putting things on their mouth. When kids put things in their mouth, there’s a risk of choking, poisoning and even accidental death. In a home filled with useless clutter and junk like marbles, batteries, rubber bands, pins, coins, pen caps and many other things, leaving toddlers on their own will not be a wise thing.

Having piles of objects lying all around would also pose risk of falling objects. People who tend to collect clutter would stack their things in high places; for example, a stack of newspapers or magazines on the cabinet. One newspaper or magazine doesn’t weigh that much, but if it is a stack, it would be heavy. If a stack of newspaper or magazine falls down on a toddler, the toddler would not escape without harm. It would be even worse, if you have several boxes full of junk stacked high. If you haven’t taken care of them or called junk removal services to get rid of them, then any toddler would be at danger.

Having a lot of junk at home that has been lying around for a long time would mean there’s a lot of accumulated dust on it. Dust at home can cause allergies, sneezing and runny nose to toddlers. Furthermore, junk accumulated in damp and dark places would become breeding grounds of various bugs such as cockroach, centipedes, mites and ants. Bug bites would cause an unsightly experience to toddler because it is itchy and can cause swelling; worse, bug bites may cause dangerous reactions.

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