How Pricing Plays In Junk Removal

Services would always have their own pricing strategies and since junk removal service is a service oriented business, pricing is always subjective. Thus, there are several pricing models.

Cost Plus Pricing

Cost Plus Pricing is the most common way on how junk removal companies price their services. This pricing strategy is determined on how much the service will cost the company. This will allow the company to charge more so that they can profit. The junk removal company will consider both the direct and indirect cost associated with their service. The direct cost would be the supplies, staff and travel, while the indirect cost would be utilities, equipment and rent.

Price Positioning

Junk removal businesses price their services according to what their competitors would price in the same area. In other words, companies decide whether or not they would increase or decrease their services’ prices depending on how the pricing of their competition moves. However, this kind of strategy doesn’t always work well for a business. Junk removal companies would have to make sure to offer a unique kind of service in order for such pricing strategy to work well.


Like any other business, pricing is always affected by demand. How much would the people living in the area willing to fork out just to acquire the service? Companies understand that if they put too high prices, the demand for their services would reduce. On the other hand, pricing too low can be detrimental also because this will lead to huge influx of clients, which they cannot easily handle. Thus, pricing according to demand is carefully thought of by businesses.

Other Factors

Individual trash removal companies charge their services according to other important factors. Other factors would include load size, debris weight, location and mileage. The load size is the required number of loads in removing the junk. The more loads needed, the pricier it would be. For weight, the heavier the load, the pricier it gets. Location and mileage are both similar in some ways. The farther the location as well as the need to drive the more expensive would be the price.

All in all, pricing for junk removal services varies widely. You may find some junk removal companies with quite affordable jump removal quotes, while some would be quite expensive for you. Now, if you consider these particular factors, it may be possible for you to understand why one particular company has that kind of pricing.

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