Tips In Removing Clutter

Getting rid of accumulated junk and clutter at home means letting go of some memories and moving forward.  Sometimes, you may need to face certain emotions when you think of throwing certain things. However, getting rid of those junk can be a refreshing thing. A clean and clutter-free room will not only look spacious but also peaceful.

Clearing out clutter is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have accumulated a years’ worth of clutter and junk at home. Sometimes, people try to find an excuse just for us to avoid cleaning up. People even sometimes think that the stuff that needs to be thrown away can still be usable at some point. If you truly need to clean up, you should not dodge it. It would be better if you know what to do to make sure that your minds are set for this task.

Here are some tips how you can truly get rid of clutter and clean your home:

Schedule your cleaning every day. Set aside at least 20 minutes of your time just for cleaning.  This way, you avoid accumulating clutter at home.

Ask yourself, whether keeping a particular item will still make you happy. If you feel like you want to keep the item just for keepsake, then you might want to consider throwing it into the trash, especially if it is broken already.

When you are rummaging your unused items, try to put the things you might still need or might find useful in one place. Try to keep them for at least a month or two. If by that time you find no use for them, then that means keeping them is no longer necessary.

Don’t keep your old newspapers and magazines. If you haven’t read any of them, chances are you would never read them. If you have already read them, you won’t browse them again. If you have favourite clippings you want to keep, then cut them and arrange them inside a folder, binder or envelope. You can then sell old newspapers and magazines, drop them at recycle facilities or donate them to the library.

Don’t keep any expired item at home; for example, expired medicine, expired canned goods and others. Keeping them will not only add up the clutter you have at home but also pose risk to you and your family.

Start throwing old receipts not needed for tax day. If you want to keep tabs on receipts, bills and other financial records, try digitizing them. In other words, scan and store a copy on your computer and on the internet.

Make some money from your old and unused belongings. If you have clothes, toys, items, books or other things you don’t plan to use again, put up a garage sale. Your old yet still working juicer, toaster or blender may fetch you $30 or $40.

If clutter is serious, hire professional help. Yes, it may cost money but it will be worth it.

If you have a hard time cleaning up your accumulated junk, then you need to clean things up one step at a time.

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