What Happens When Junk Is Hauled Away

Most people who hire junk removal services would often ask one particular question, “What happens to our junk after you haul them away?” Indeed, people would be glad if they can finally get rid of all their unwanted junk cluttering their home. However, there are still some people who have grown attached to their things (even if they haven’t used or noticed it for a long time) that they want to know what happens to their things. So, where do junks go? What do junk removal companies do after they leave the client’s premises with all the junk they’ve hauled away?

Junk removal companies accept a lot of things for disposal, but not everything they haul away are sent for disposal.  Usually, junk removal companies would try to see whether the items they hauled away can still be fixed, recycled, reused or donated. If it doesn’t fall to any category, then they would send it directly to proper disposal facilities.

For household items like furniture, appliances and electronics, junk removal companies would donate them to certain charities or institutions if they see that the items are still usable. These charities and institutions would then give these items to certain families who really need them. If the items are broken, the items would be repaired first before sent to the recipients. However, if it is beyond repair, it would be broken apart in order to get the usable parts. The other parts that are not needed are either recycled or disposed properly.

For items like aluminum cans, cardboard, water bottles, paper, iron filings, plastics and other recyclable goods, they are sent to recycling centers. The purpose of this is to reuse these waste items into something that can still be useful. Junk removal companies understand that it is wrong to take these items directly to landfills. This is because such trash can bring negative effects to the environment and increase pollution levels. On the other hand, if they are recycled, these things are given another significant chance to be useful once more.

Junk removal companies are environment friendly companies. They decide to donate, recycle and reuse the trash of other people before they properly dispose of it. The trash that would only go to landfills and disposal facilities are those items that are of no use to any person. For such companies, there’s no reason to dispose things that can still help unfortunate families, benefit other businesses and companies as well as lower the consumer costs.


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